An empty Hammaka Nami Chair in jet black hangs gracefully, featuring an elegant wood frame and weather-resistant cushion. The chair is displayed against a white background, emphasizing its sleek design and inviting comfort.

Hammaka Nami Chair in Jet Black



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Experience the ultimate relaxation with the Jet Black Hammaka Nami Chair, blending top-notch craftsmanship with elegance.

Perfect for both indoors and out, it's designed to hang anywhere. Its weather-resistant cushion, filled with exclusive Hammaka ComfortFoam, provides unmatched comfort. Strong enough to hold up to 350 lbs, this chair is your new favorite spot to unwind. Your lakeside leisure is just a swing away.

Dimensions: 45 × 14 × 12 inches
Holds up to 350 lbs

*Available for local pick up only.